How it Works

Reservations are highly recommended on Weekends and Holidays. Please call the studio at (801) 495-4849 to save your seat today!


How it Works:


Step 1: Pick your Piece! Pick a piece from our vast selection of ceramics. We have everything from plates to miniature animals, there’s something for everyone! Ceramic Pricing ranges starting at $14, see our pricing below for more info!

Step 2: Design and Paint! Customize your ceramic using our extensive collection of paints and techniques! No experience is necessary, most of our employees started out as beginners themselves! We recommend 2-3 coats for every color for a more solid color and outcome. Relax and have fun!

Step 3: Glazing and Firing! We will coat your piece in a clear glaze that is food-safe, microwave-safe, and dishwasher-safe to ensure your artwork stays protected for years!

Step 4: Pick up! In about 7-10 Days (depending on demand and season)  we will text you when your piece is finished firing and you can pick it up and take it home to enjoy! (items are kept at our studio for up to 30 days)


How Pricing Works:

Studio Fees + Ceramics = Your final total, due the day you paint

Studio Fees

This fee covers the price of paint, glazing, and firing your pieces. Studio fees are valid all day and are charged per person, covering unlimited ceramics! 

Kids age 12 and under are $6.00/per person

Adults age 13 and up are $10.00/per person



Our ceramics start at $14 and can range upwards of $100 depending on the size and complexity of the piece


Discount Days:

See our calendar for specific dates and times


Two-4-Tuesday: All day, every Tuesday! – Two people paint for one studio fee. Each person must purchase a ceramic piece to receive a discount. This discount is not limited to groups of 2, so bring your whole family in for half-off studio fees!

Date Night: Every other Friday starting at 4:30 pm – Two paint for the price of one. Ceramics are not included, each person must purchase a separate piece to receive the discount.

Pajama Night: Every other Saturday starting at 4:30 pm – Wear your Pajamas into the studio and paint for $2 studio fees. Each person must purchase a NEW ceramic piece to receive the discount. Come in your comfiest attire!

Family & Friends Day:  All Day -$4 studio fees. Typically this event takes place during or right after any major holiday so keep an eye on our calendar! (ex. Presidents Day, Veterans Day, etc.)

Service Day:  Bring in 2 canned food items each and pay only a $2 studio fee. Depending on the month, check out our calendar for the next upcoming event!


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: How Can I Ensure A Spot On The Weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)?

A: The weekends are our busiest days out of the week, we cannot guarantee open spots for walk-ins so we HIGHLY recommend reserving your spot! Feel free to call us at (801) 495-4849 to reserve your spot for free today!


Q: What’s the Price Range? 

A: There’s a $10/adult and $6/kids studio fee PLUS the price of your ceramic. Our pieces range from $14-100 depending on the size and build of the piece! 


Q: If I have more than 6 people in my group do I need to book a reservation? 

A: Yes! Please make sure to make reservations for groups larger than 6 people to ensure we can accommodate seating for your group. Please keep in mind that for groups of 8 or more, a 10% service charge will be added to your bill due to the amount of space and supplies required.


Q: How long do I have to pick up my item? 

A: We hold all customer’s items for 30 days after our first text. When those 30 days are up, we give you a “last-call” to remind you that your items are still with us and a two-week time frame to pick up your items. If items are not picked up within the 30 days and two-week time frame, we discard your items. Refunds cannot be received if items are discarded.


Q: If I bring items from another Color Me Mine, can I paint/glaze them at your studio?

A: Yes! For both painting and glazing a previously purchased item, we only charge a $3 firing fee per piece to use our supplies